Link excel sheets for updating

I'm trying to create a sharepoint list for each sheet and when the excel spreadsheet is updated, the sharepoint is updated.It looks like you can link an access database with sharepoint but I'm struggling to find a guide to link a sharepoint with an isn't possible to modify a spreadsheet and have it update Share Point, you can only update the spreadsheet with changes from Share Point.

Users on 2010 version, can open Workbook A and see data results from links.

The user may or maynot have permission to access source file Workbook Z but this isn't usually a problem to just view last saved Workbook A. even if they have persmission to access Workbook Z, when opening Workbook A, all they see is #Ref in each cell that is related to linked data.

Open Filename:="C:\Book1with Link To Book2.xlsx" Application. Except a good testing practice and very important solved case (I may face such issues everyday while sending my workbooks to 3rd party, and now I'm prepared), 2 more things learned: Thanks very much to everyone who contributed to the solution, and especially OP who raised the question.

Ask To Update Links = True ) works the same way as Double False: NO WARNINGS are shown!

To create an external reference, execute the following steps.