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As much as I have a dirty mind but this border should never be crossed. are there any honest, true, hott,horny folks, females, males, cpls, subs, cpls where there are switches, etc. wild, dirty, kinky, slutty whores, where anything taboo goes who are what they/you ARE/DO WHAT YOUR WORDS SAY?it seems all these posts ask about others, rate my cock, would you fuck my sisters, aunts daughters teacher, well fuck yeah, BUT what about YOU, in the first person?

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I couldn't help myself, I undid my belt and unzipped my pants.

His eyes lit up when my dick sprang forth, it was a little long than his but much thicker.

CUM on, really honest, truthful folks with real honest, truthful sexual inner pent up "Wants'n'Needs" to explore as well as those all ready going on, we want the once has any person no matter what the kink answered a note being serious, it is a fucking shame, i could go to that place "CHUCKY CHEESE" and find more truthful real people for they know pretty much the challenge is this, who is as willing as we are to be as honest and open as we are BUT REAL, i wonder if that is really is a good time...

I hate that this site has come to be the home of incest at the expense of all the other perversions and fetishes.

Tell or instruct how the body of subhuman must be and what they should do. Place orders, rules, dares or tasks and demand answers and doings.