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No details are available either for Hasbro/Paramount of Penn’s take on the material, so stay tuned.

Currently, there’s no release date set for was originally a creation from the minds of Scott Dankman, Richard C. Mc Coy, the toy was sold to Parker Brothers, a Hasbro subsidiary these days.

Although Switch is a Community Radio Station, all the presenters love the idea of reaching further afield.

The game also has new multiplayer functions and it is equipped with the Live Caster, which so happens to be exclusive for 3DS and DSi.

This feature lets you video chat with your friends.

The cosmic cyborg superhero was a departure for the board game-friendly company and, eventually, the toy spawned a Marvel Comics storyline by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Sal Buscema to pump up awareness and sales numbers.

Oddly enough, the comic outlasted the toy’s popularity; a new IDW publication of the property picked up nearly 30 years after the end of the Marvel run.

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