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This will block playback, and stop playback only if no new data was appended after a timeout of about 2 seconds.

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The builtin (some of the options are quite obscure, and may change every mpv release).

Be aware that some of the options can reduce playback quality. For livestreams, data can build up due to pausing the stream, due to slightly lower playback rate, or "buffering" pauses.

In some cases, manually tuning TCP buffer sizes and such can help to reduce latency.

Additional options that can be tried: Many network protocols are supported, but the protocol prefix must always be specified. Undocumented prefixes are either aliases to documented protocols, or are just redirections to protocols implemented and documented in FFmpeg. This can also be used to invoke special youtube-dl functionality like playing a video by ID or invoking search.

This can be achieved by adding the special per-file markers ) then the longest title is selected automatically by the library. the Note DVD library choices mpv uses a different default DVD library than MPlayer.