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While John Paul was out riding around on his dirt bike, Robb was out playing on the soccer fields.

By the time he was in high school, Robb was playing with some of Nova Scotia's best soccer players.

They represented Nova Scotia at the Canadian National Championships, and won gold for Canada at the International Tournament in New Jersey.

Robb developed his artistic side at an early age with the help of his grade 9 and 10 English teachers. feature film Hole-In-One, and appeared as a featured guest of the band Our Lady Peace on their cross-Canada Fear of The Trailer Park tour. Rob's older brother Greg Wells is a successful songwriter and record producer in Los Angeles.

In high school, Robb started hanging around with John Paul Tremblay and Mike Clattenburg and the three of them collaborated on their first short film, One Last Shot. Since the last season of Trailer Park Boys, Robb has had little down time. Robb also joined John Paul (Julian) and Mike Smith (Bubbles) as guest stars in the video, The Darkest One, by The Tragically Hip and is also collaborating with John Paul on at least of couple of feature film screenplays. Rob recently won (along with co-writer Christopher Ward) the Pop/Top 40 Category for the 2005 International Songwriting Competition with a song called "There's Us." In 2006, he produced and co-wrote three songs on Nick Lachey's CD What's Left of Me.