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Understand that this will prevent him/her from ever sustaining a mutual, available and connected relationship with anyone.And if they ever happen to find someone standing under the greenest grass they’ve ever seen…More often than not, they’ll f*ck it up.One of the most devastating relationsh*ts to be in is with a partner who has Grass Is Greener Syndrome.

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It’s also why I don’t stress over “losing” an audience. Don’t worry about the little details of when you weren’t your best, most mature or perfectly on point.

I know how high the bar that I set is because I reach that height with connection, meaning, consistency, commitment and authenticity… As long as you were consistent in how you treated your partner, how you committed to them and had standards in which you ACTED on when sh*t hit the emotional fan, you’ve set your bar This doesn’t mean that your ex won’t meet someone new and have what seemingly appears on social media and feels to him/her better than it was with you.

The only way to hack Grass Is Greener Syndrome is by setting the relational bar so high that no one else can reach that height. Here on the blog, I’m consistently vulnerable, consistently honest, genuine, receptive, real, invested and compassionate…

I’m consistently myself; consistently So, when I write something that’s politically incorrect or could be taken in a way that I did not intend, I never get anyone coming after me for it with guns blazing because people know who I CONSISTENTLY am – Someone who would never intend to hurt or offend anyone.

This is generally followed by a complete lack of regard for the emotional casualties upon exit – whether that exit is literal, physical or emotional.

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