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Now, by all appearances, Chely is using her gay announcement as a way to generate positive publicity. Other interesting tidbits about Chely: Also, and I mean this sincerely too, thank you for the tank tops.p.s. Chely also did an interview with The Advocate talking about her coming out.

I mean, who ever heard of announcing your coming out beforehand as a way to build buzz? I think this quote sums it up pretty well:“I grew up feeling like there was no one else, no one that I could relate to.

This whole thing is timed perfectly with the May 4 releases of her new CD, “Lifted Off the Ground,” and her new memoirs, “Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer.” Press material for her memoirs calls it “a book of revelation: honest, inspiring and true.” Like me? I felt like there was no one else like me, which is why I called the book Like Me.

Even though this process has been incredibly difficult, I’ve still enjoyed a very fortunate life.

When the guessing game began about who would be the gay to come out on the People magazine cover May 5, I sure didn’t guess Chely.