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A big mistake of many guys is to lie about their age and upload photos of themselves they took ten years ago in the hope of increasing their chances of finding a younger women, you should do this under no circumstances, you will always look the fool in the end, no women like liars especially at first contact.

Moldovan women are easy to communicate with and very easy to find, you just need to search in the right places , but as stated before Moldovan marriage agencies and intact any marriage agencies should be avoided at all costs if you want to avoid being scammed out of your money and wasting your time. Have you decided to search for a Moldovan women for marriage ?

Marriage agencies also have a very bad reputation within the industry about 95% of them run scam operations where you will be paying for opening letters from ladies who do not even exist.

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Moldovia dating

There are many plus points about searching in Moldova including no visa controls , you can now visit the country without a need to make a visa, many airlines now fly direct to Moldova from most major European Cities and usually the prices are very cheap.

You will also find the people of Moldova very hospitable and friendly, you can be assured of having no problems visiting this country.

Always be carful of women who say they have no Skype or Whats App , or they have not got a smart phone!

Ten years ago that may of been used as an excuse for them to ask you to send money. nearly every women in any FSU country now has a smart phone, most young school kids own a Smart phone today with all the apps for chatting such as Skype and Whats app , these phones today can be brought for less than $75.00.

Chasing young barbie doll women will also leave you open to becoming a victim of a scammer as the vast majority of young model looking women on these dating sites are in fact fake profiles being used to scam Western men who still believe it is possible to marry a young beauty queen.