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It is possible to live in many areas of South America on a budget of 0 USD per month.

It won´t be a ‘high-flying nights-out-on the-town’ type of existence but can be done and can be enjoyable. Profiles of featured destinations are here: Cheap Places To Live In South America A more workable budget would be 00 – 00 USD and up, affording more luxuries such as eating out regularily, shopping excursions, larger apartment or house, trips to other areas of the country, etc.

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I guess it’s much more accepted in France for men and women to be friends.

However, if a woman is dining with a man, you can bet he will pick up the check. I usually trick them by asking to be excused (as if I was going to the lady’s room, grab the waiter and give him my credit card).

Salto, Uruguay – Cheap Place to Live Of course living in a major city will require more financial planning, because it costs more than living on the outskirts of a metropolitan area or in a small town.

To view a list of capital cities in South America – complete with online Travel Guides click here: Capital Cities in South America With Online Travel Guides As an example, many areas of Peru are very affordable, yet if you want to live in Lima, you will need a budget of $900 – $1000 USD per month or more.

Argentina offers great value for your dollar but many popular expat locations are expensive such as Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Bariloche.