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Anyone know anything about the Alouette, or that particular engagement? This site is a nice tribute 'for those in peril on the sea' Geoff Lowe A most interesting site and a fine tribute to your grandfather I am in Brisbane, Australia and have been here for almost fifty years now.

Reading up about all this makes me really proud of a man I never met. However my home town is Hull a friendly rival of Grimsby's in the good old fishing days.

I would most grateful,if anyone could get in touch with me with the idea of offering me a photo of any Admiralty Class Trawler. He was rescued from the water during the "pedestal" convoy when it was sunk. I served under Ravenhill when he was skipper of HMS Newfoundland,1944-5.

The users email address is: [email protected] surfed your most excellent website and located the name of R. I am anxious to obtain further information about him for publication in our Association journal or where I might obtain career history. Dear Forbes The first CONGRATULATION, FORBES, from Norway ,from Namsos and the place where RUTLANDSHIRE came to her end!

Contact me if you had a relative on the NOrthern Rover.