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While we realize the system is not perfect, we needed a useful way of helping readers compare features among these various high-tech universities. Awards 2 points — Major (national or international) award for technology or innovation 1 point — Regional or local award for technology or innovation Additional Criteria 1 point — Per declared 10,000 square feet of subject-specific laboratory or research center 1 point — Facilities or research departments allowing research opportunity to undergraduate students 1 point — Nobel laureates on campus or listed amongst the alumni 1 point — The offering of tech features beyond traditional universities, whether in the classrooms, residence halls, or department.

After reviewing several hundred candidates, we believe these fifty universities are tops.

"Historically, Asia provided certain sexual opportunities that would be much more difficult for Western men to have at home.

But it remains a happy hunting ground for them today," he says, citing one phenomenon in the northeastern region of Thailand called Issan, where 15 percent of marriages are between young Thai women and Western men well into their 60s.

As such, Asians (in addition to African orphans) are hot commodities right about now — status symbols as prized as a private Gulfstream jet or a museum wing bearing your name (neither of which goes so well with a frumpy, aging first wife).