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It is also among the three towns where the famed Chocolate Hills can mostly be found. Bohol Islands There are 75 islands and islets of Bohol.

Most of them are clustered in the northeastern part of Bohol particularly in the towns of Tubigon, Inabanga, Getafe, Talibon, Bien Unido and PCP Garcia Beautiful Panglao Island Panglao is one of two municipalities that make up Panglao Island, the other being Dauis.

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Festivals and Feastdays - Fiestas in Bohol Bohol festivals and feast days are part and parcel of Boholano culture.

Boholanos are fun-loving, generous to a fault, and deeply religious.

Mangrove Forests Bohol Mangroves are critical spawning, nursery, feeding and transient shelter areas to hundreds of fish species, crustaceans and invertebrates and support an abundant and productive marine life.

Bohol island is also replete with heritage sites, ancestral homes and some of the best preserved churches of the Philippines.

Most of the 47 towns of Bohol have old massive stone churches with frescoes all done during Spanish colonization. Rivers, Water Falls and Springs Tour the island and see the gushing springs, waterfalls, rivers, sandy white beaches, natural coral havens, exotic marine life, caves, mountains and forests rich with wildlife and rare flora.