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Nevertheless, separating and concentrating pollen samples for AMS measurement present some difficulties related to the types of sediments and to the preservation and, in particular, the concentration of pollen.

In addition, pollen grains are subjected to various processes before and after deposition into the sediments (e.g., degradation and bioturbation) that contribute to altering their concentration and distribution.

Our results should provide some indication of the potential for significant contribution of pollen that has aged on the landscape into the lake sediments in Mono Lake basin.

of an intracrystalline secondary carbonate precipitate. Core samples for pollen extraction and 14C dating were taken from layers over- and underlying the Mazama Ash (designated KB-A and KB-B, respectively); Figure 1 shows the sampled core positions.

This method allows the direct association of the obtained dates with the paleoclimatic indicator under study, and eliminates many of the potential sources of dating error that are inherent to bulk-sample dating.