Problems with dating coworkers

And getting home when he's just leaving for work means no sex ever.7. You know you shouldn't bring your work home, but dates have been ruined because his department really screwed over your department on some big project.8.Your coworkers acting really awkward when they walk in on the two of you.

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You sat down and had a long talk about how you'll be happy no matter who gets it.

But secretly, you're hoping to stroll in there and crush your significant other.

In , Henry Cloud and John Townsend describe how to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

It’s especially important to apply boundaries when you’re dating a coworker, because they help you grow in freedom, honesty, and self-control.

Good luck going through the quarterly results when the person you're currently irrationally mad at because of how they make pasta is stewing only feet away.12.