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Lee Spence, Lead Archeologist with Galleon Quest Galleon Quest IO - The most adventurous and potentially profitable ICO of all times, aiming to recover and preserve ancient sunken treasures as assets.

You can OWN a portion of these treasures by buying SEA Tokens.

Quest dating

Although most have yet to be identified, it is believed they include Spanish, French, English, German, and American merchant ships, slavers, and even a couple privateers, which were lost over a period of several hundred years.

The Project-L shipwreck site is another cluster of shipwrecks, several of which have already produced major treasure finds for other salvors in the not too distant past.

Located off an archipelago that is situated along a once major route for both merchant ships and treasure galleons, Dr.

Spence was able to dive on, file a salvage claim, and obtain a court order recognizing him as the exclusive owner of the remaining wreckage in the cluster.

The legal status of the site is settled, with necessary permits either in place or within short order from being issued.

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