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It explained why there were very few pigeons or rats.These pictures are very good but what about the pictures and the stories of the peoples that worked at that power station?None of our old plants were coal-burners, so some of the equipment at the Baltimore plant is unfamiliar.

According to "Inventory of Power Plants in the United States in 1979", publised by Dept.

of Energy, a copy of which rests in our below decks library, Cos Cob had three remaining active units, oil fired but listed as internal combustion turbines, which went on line in 1969. Surely, Cos Cob held deeper darker secrets, perhaps, given its proximity to railhead, having to do with coal fired steam generators and turbines which long ago ceased turning. Nothing like the smell of aromatic hydrocarbons and the aroma which emanates from a hot steam plant - reassuring fragrance of fuel oil, tangy bouquet of asbestos, how can one not remain incurious as to the doings within?

The Westport power plant has been used as a filming location for the movie 12 Monkeys (1995).

If the location can hardly be recognized in the movie, some tags of "The Army" still remain on the walls of the plant.

Spock would say, "Fascinating." I'm a Southern Calif.