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The film is a mystery, of sorts, but one in which you grow gradually more suspicious of the filmmakers, rather than any of the characters.

Adapting a novel by Rupert Holmes, writer-director Atom Egoyan (Ararat) guides the story of a reporter in the '70s digging for dirt on a defunct '50s comedy team Lanny and Vince (Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth, respectively).

Saturday 11th September 2010With his usual themes of memory and technology, Egoyan tells a provocative and deeply emotional story that centres on current issues.

It's a little heavy handed, but still thoroughly involving.

After a whirlwind experience with bullies, Dead Poets Society-style rules, and meeting the girl of his dreams (Rachel Blanchard, another Road Tripper), he is handed the assignment of his dreams: Write a story telling what happened to Holden Caulfield after the end of Catcher in the Rye, Neil's favorite book (of course).