dating a nice guy no chemistry - Rules for dating the rebound guy

Just as with a situation where sex is all that it's about, you must be certain that your dating partner is totally clear about what's really going on.- You get together with another single person whom you loved before you got involved in the last relationship.

So, if you just ended something, or you just got broken up with, there are some times when a rebound relationship may work for you ... Okay, for some people this is not an ethical and/or attractive option.

Yet, there are others who don't think that there's anything wrong with a "raw sex" relationship. If this is okay with you, then getting together with someone just to fuck is fine ... Namely: the other person has to be fully aware that sex is really all that matters; they have to agree that this is fine with them; and you both need to be careful about sexual diseases or unwanted pregnancy.- You have a friend who sets you up with a date soon after your relationship ends.

This needs to understood, as was already stated at the beginning of this writing.

But, can a rebound relationship ever be a good thing?

But, although rebound relationships are so commonly sought after, the fact is that a rebound relationship is nearly always bad. When you're seeking a rebound relationship, you're probably not looking for anything of substance.