Schwinn tire dating

Thanks for any & all advice I guess maybe this bike was meant to be How would it look with a purple seat handle bars & chain guard...

Lake Bike....looks now it got pulled from a lake I remember taking a[art my old bikes, I had so green blue & the purple was my fav I still morun it.

January 23, 2004 -- MADISON, WI - Schwinn bicycles, one of America's favorite and most recognized brands, has joined forces with Orange County Choppers, the company that has garnered worldwide recognition for building custom motorcycles and is featured on the popular Discovery Channel show "American Chopper," to create customized Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycles.

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I think when I;m done it should be fine to ride & I;ll enjoy it & see what happens.

Its not a collectors bike as its not rare & the condition is below what most of them should be for 10 year old bikes Here it is together Had only an hour with it today as had to go to the hardwar to get it some new nuts that weren't stripped & I sprung for bolts too...$5 invested & some lith grease to make them easier to get on n off Thanks everyone for the help Gos I felt so bad didn't sleep you think I lost my whole life savings but truth is I'm really poor & didn't need the new rust bucket but I am getting some weird joy out of bringing it back to life!

The new Sting-Ray sports a contemporary design that takes its cues from great American motorcycles.

To commemorate the redesign of this classic, Schwinn has partnered with Orange County Choppers (OCC) to use the OCC logo on all editions of the new Sting-Ray for mass retail sales, as well as use of the OCC name for Sting-Ray parts and accessories."The original Sting-Rays of the 1960s and '70s were very cutting-edge and took their design cues from muscle cars," explained Byron Smith, Schwinn's Chief Operating Officer & President.

,,,, BD I sold my $150 repop Apple for $200, and people were hitting my PM box so hard it was unreal.