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However, there was one aspect of their romance that he'd have done differently. That threw him off." So, what's next for Luke and Lorelai? Kind of looks that way," Patterson said, referring to Rory's surprise pregnancy announcement that ends "Fall." "I just think they go on, in stormy weather, stormy seas, the tough, tough climbs, but they always manage to end up together somehow. I think their chemistry is so pure and so strong, that's why it drives the two of them a little nutty sometimes.

"I didn't like that she proposed to me; I wanted to do that," he said. So inevitably it's a very passionate, sort of fighty relationship and headbanging and conflict, but they always end up together, because they love each other." RELATED: More 'Gilmore Girls'?

This is all about Scott Patterson private stuff; soon we will be back with other celebs personal life.

One of the highlights of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" was seeing Luke and Lorelai back together.

"In the kitchen, that's my all-time favorite Luke and Lorelai scene," he said.