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If anyone has information regarding my father's family I would love to hear from you.Contact via e-mail or to ---Duane Wilkinson 555 Washington St.Located two miles north of downtown La Vernia on FM 775.(FM is abbreviated for "farm-to-market"...road).

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M ma = moder, moda, action planet, not mine, my action, may, you, maw, mouth mother, spring talk me = I, small quantity, mace, myself, history, mai, may, influence, meet or magic mi = amount, mile, fruit, nut, seed, content, man, good result, might, my, mind, matter mo = cut in place, mow, mour, more, molybdenum, month, moth, part of you mu = more quantity, much more not my = amount increase, my own, mine, raise, mage, force not or use maa = talkative, meter, metre, measure, whatever you consider to not like mea = meal, matronix maker, nue use mia = caring support, care for you moa = mother, matr, matrix mad fix mua = family, area fix mya = child defender, by feel creator belt, create by use mae = paying job, money, make, modeller mee = employee, caretaker energy disruptor caretaker user mie = payment, no user moe = good, molo, mole mue = associate, mother killer mye = mighty, create focus mai = sister(younger), make, my, control, influence, cause, make happen mei = sister (older), 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myss = foreplay, very sluggish, creep, hold off, hold up, slim down, expose, guilt fog, fog bank matt = frame, support, floor cushion, dullness mett = met, meet mitt = mitt mott = mottle mutt = lockjaw dog, bulldog mytt = might, group hit anything blessing maabord = motherboard Motian; To be of involvement by some use of a moment to create motion.

Del Mar, Cekin ona təklif etdiyi birgə yaşam tərzinin heç də yaxşı bitməyəcəyini deyir.

They had four children, Clarence, who died in 1917 at the age of 12, Everett, Florence, and Charles Brown Wilkinson, born August 18, 1917.

Susan Brill I was born, Naomi Clariece Wilkinson, on Jan.