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Depending on the sources of the free grants for single moms, award amounts may also change from year to year.Additionally, some colleges and universities offer separate tuition discounts for single mothers.To qualify for school grants for single moms, you will need to verify that you are a single parent by demonstrating head-of-household status with at least one dependent under the age of 18 on your most recent federal tax return.

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If you are single mother, you may qualify for a number of different grant types, depending on your circumstances.

The amount of funding you can receive from need-based grants or scholarships for single moms can vary considerably, ranging from as little as $100 to full tuition coverage.

Further causing financial strain is that the collective income of single mothers has been reduced by 6%.

Many students who are single mothers are dually burdened with school and work demands, unable to afford childcare costs and hold a full-time job while attending college classes.

Westminster College in Utah offers the Merritt Single Mother Scholarship to female students who are single parents or who were raised in a household with a single parent, and who demonstrate financial need.