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It really is so much about opening up to a whole new way of being and expressing ourselves, isn’t it? We are not supposed to parent in this isolated way – it is too much to ask of people. You wrote another masterpiece right here and I can’t find the words to express what it meant to me and how much I want to thank you.

I sat here crying, tears streaming down my face as I read your every word and it vibrated with deep truths in my soul.

And it even makes up for the time that the true expressing of your soul is frowned upon, misunderstood or roll-eyed at.

Wonderful article, thanks so much for putting this is words that can be shared! I agree that tribe building is both extremely hard and extremely satisfying, in the end. Right now is when I need that community of women around me to hold me up, but I feel bad for asking for that support when I know all my friends are struggling too.

I’m a mother of a 1 year old and a 3 year old and I am so isolated. Foster an adult relationship with them, and encourage them to foster one with your children. Hi Jess I’ve just read your comment Where in the world are you?