Speed dating 101

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And so, therefore, I may avoid situations or events -- for example -- speed dating."Which is precisely where Sherman and The Early Show sent her -- to a speed-dating event in Manhattan. The one guy she went out with who she met at the event asked her to split the bill, Knox says, and that's a deal-breaker!

She got to chat with plenty of guys -- and only for a few minutes with each."I am actually having a lot of fun meeting people! "I haven't read an obituary announcing chivalry is dead! The most important thing she learned from dating school, Knox says, was to give guys more than one chance and go to "target-rich" environments, where she can find a man she wants. TO SEE MANY TIPS ON DATING FROM SHERMAN, click here.

And, the last time I did go through this speedy process I met two great guys to date.

After dating them both for about a month, things seemed to be getting a little more serious with one, so I had to let the other one go.

This fact was lost on me until I recently began getting several Halloween invites.