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Sasser was not one of the original cast members but became a household name as his relationship with Zamora was explored during the show's third season in 1994.

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He also won fame for his role in "Rocky V."British cinematographer Gilbert Taylor, right, died in his home on the Isle of Wight on Friday, August 23.

The man behind the visual style of movies such as "Star Wars" and "Dr. Here, Taylor and director Peter Brooks, left, film "Meetings With Remarkable Men" in 1979.

Sean Sasser, whose relationship with the late Pedro Zamora on MTV's "The Real World: San Francisco" broke cultural barriers on U. television, has died, his longtime partner told CNN on Thursday. Sasser, who had been HIV positive for 25 years, died Wednesday from mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer that was diagnosed just last month, Michael Kaplan said.

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    “As such, I am forced to accept it as today’s reality and I have decided to expand Nevada’s Medicaid coverage. The award will mean up to million to the district.

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