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The singer's publicist, Courtney Barnes, told the the publication: "Brandy has been released from the hospital and is now at home resting."She has been traveling extensively as part of an ongoing tour and several personal appearances.

In recent days she has taken more than 10 long haul flights including internationally,"Fellow passengers noticed her fall and assisted her, before she was taken to a hospital.

(“But the internet is a wild place,” he said.) He also confirmed the time jump is 13 years in the future and said the story will be prominently addressed in Season 3.

“By the end of next season, you’ll have a pretty good sense of where it’s going,” Fogelman said, after confirming the scene will be addressed in upcoming episodes.

Add the loudest, craziest, and most frightened cast ever, and the unfiltered comedy of rap icon, Redman, you get "Scared Famous." Some sh*t is going down. Alliances, romances, and friendships will be forged, but feuds and devious behavior will become their undoing.