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Jess Freese was working as an actuary in London when it suddenly dawned on her that she was not living the life she wanted.

So she and her now-husband, Jake, began a nomadic adventure: they spent winters in Whistler and summers in the Caribbean.

At its best, flirting can be high art, whether the flirter is vying for a soul mate, manipulating a salesperson, or just being playful.

But beware, her red dress should not be mistaken for a "green light." By Jeremy Nicholson M. If so, your romantic relationship could be victim to "micro-cheating". Perhaps proximity played a role in their attraction.

Even the communal washrooms (used pre- and post-hot tub), while nothing to look at on the outside, are beautifully redone inside: light wood, French-inspired tiles, and even a chandelier make the women’s lavatory feel welcoming and comforting.