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You’ll have to take me for a spin if we ever meet up in real life :) Reply I work remotely and between keeping my job profile low key and the fact I am ever clad in athletic wear, I think I’ve got stealth wealth down ;) I read the Millionaire Next Door early in my career and it really helped to shape my habits going forward. We all want it and deep down KNOW how to make it happen, but we just don’t care enough yet to pull the trigger.

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My favorite jeans of 10 years were these super sleek Armani Exchange jeans I had picked up for like $30 a pair (bought three! But haven’t found any steals like that in a while which is the *ultimate* route – quality AND cheap!

@Chris @ Duke of Dollars – I’m TOTALLY down for buying more expensive clothes that last longer, I just rarely go out shopping and so far haven’t found the *perfect* clothes to just keep re-ordering online or else I’d do that in a heartbeat!

Outbacks are SOOO trendy in the area I live right now… Everyone says they want more money and freedom and to do their dreams, etc, but when it comes down to it their actions never match up.

I haven’t ever stepped foot in one before but I’m super curious about them! Similar to stopping smoking or eating better or exercising more, etc.

It’s all a state of mind anyways, and once you’ve had your epiphany it’s just a matter of time… I still slip here and there and forget about the ol’ stealth rule at times (*cough* Lexus *cough*), but as long as you’ve gotten a good hold of it and are *consciously* making these decisions with your money, you’re still a firm member of the Millionaire Next Door club, which is really the status you’re looking to achieve. Although when I was doing podcasting I had a handful of people recognize *my voice* who would stop me on the streets! Reply My big stealth-wealth weapon use to be the hideously ugly and old car(s) that I drove for over 15 years.