Taurus man dating libra woman

Really sorry how things are going for you with your Taurus man, I don't believe I can be of same acts like your man if I could ever be lucky to date a Libra woman,but I think you have gotten the experience already and I believed your sayings ,though I have nothing of the same characters with your man as a Taurus man as well, I just need to work on that bad habits of your man not to ever be in me.

Yea but now I must say we have gotten a whole lot better surprisingly but it's still a lot of work.

Take my advice if you're reading this Girl please run from these type Taurus can not make a libra happy long term! You will end up hurt and lonely or even cheating on him but it will be his fault!

This situation will result in an active confrontation of the spouses, which may even lead to a rupture of the marriage union. The great thing about my Taurus is he naturally wants to work and provide for me.

The compatibility horoscope advises Libra woman to get rid of unnecessary desire to flirt with other men. He also enjoys luxery items if they have a functional purpose.

When the relationship is good is very Good, but when it's bad it's BAD!

They'll try to change you, we're so outgoing and the life of the party and he will want you to tone yourself down and be boring which nothing about libra is boring at all!

Taurus man could even walk around because of his Libra woman, trying to eavesdrop on phone conversations and read her SMS messages. This is a relationship that involves sacrafice on both sides.