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The result has become a powerful object lesson in the emotional scars battered women can carry with them long after their abusive relationships end.It has also brought about a sense of national outrage about how the White House grants security clearances to aides who have access to classified information.In Skiffington Holderness' email to the FBI, also obtained by Daily, he expressed concerns that Porter's friend, Bryan Cunningham, who was a mutual acquaintance, was 'actively working to quell' issues surrounding Porter's background check for his White House security clearance.

His second wife Jennifer Willoughby (right) has also claimed that Porter was abusive in their marriage'Hope is smarter than some people give her credit for,' the White House official said.'She's an incredibly strong woman, independent-minded, and a tireless supporter of President Trump.'A second person close to Hicks confirmed Wednesday that she and Porter had gone their separate ways. Daily first reported less than two weeks ago that the couple became an item in November.

That revelation led to an avalanche of controversy as Porter's former spouses shared their stories with Daily, and then with other news outlets.

Daily has also obtained a Facebook messenger exchange between Colbie Holderness and Porter's ex-girlfriend, where they discuss meeting for a drink –but there is no mention of alleged 'poisoning'.

From the messages, it appears that the ex-girlfriend, who is also a government employee, reached out to Holderness for support with her own domestic abuse allegations. The following day, the ex-girlfriend messaged Holderness to apologize for leaving early because she felt ill.

Skiffington Holderness declined to comment when contacted today by Daily Cunningham told him that 'Rob didn't know' he was reaching out to him or Porter's ex-girlfriend regarding the FBI background check.