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Balance also comes from being able to say no to what doesn't work or what won't fit in your day. But I won't give up eating clean foods, nor will I give up training — so those things make up the backbone of my day, and I do them. I also just relaunched my website after an extensive overhaul.

I just launched the brand-new Superfoods for a Super You, which is an e-book and which contains 100 brand-new recipes using superfood ingredients.

The physique industry was where I got my start, but how does that translate when you are 55? Being 55 or 50-something means to be deeply and truly yourself while practicing those tenets that are the backbone of my life — eating clean, training, being mindful and evolving as a whole person of purpose. As the day wears on, I get so busy that it's hard to fit a workout in later.

Coconut oil (good for skin, hair, cooking and sex), greens (loads of these), eggs for healthy fat and protein, wild salmon for healthy fats and fresh berries for antioxidant power. I always mix with it a pinch of unrefined sea salt and a shot of lemon juice to increase the electrolyte value. I look at training as a way of becoming more productive and happier; good things happen to the brain with solid, sweaty exercise.

I usually begin with a robust 30-minute sweat session on my Cellerciser [mini trampoline], with my skip rope or on the treadmill — or I do a combination of all three in one session.