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Her description of you responding with “graciousness, kindness and integrity” are so true. From a non-violent and appreciative vegan :-) One thing I’ve learned in life….judge not. My wife and I have learned just say nothing and smile, it’s ok to disagree with people but we respect how other people make their decisions. If you’re content and happy with your own life and way of living you won’t feel the need to lash out to people that make other decisions in life. Don’t let the minority of people make you feel guilt for approaching food and life with a healthy, confident mindset. I am so proud of you and so sorry that you had to experience this. But know there are so many more good ones out there sending peace, respect and love into the world.Please know that there are many of us who are incredibly grateful for the way you move through the world, the way you communicate that to the rest of us and the incredible recipes you share along the way. Angela, thank you so much for doing all that you do. Nearly every group of human beings contains a small number working out their issues in an extreme way. And I think Kate is right, it’s a small percentage of people who probably have other issues that they need to work out! You are changing lives and keep focusing on the positive feedback and love! Keep doing what you are doing – so well – authentically your own way.

During Dragon*Con 2010, someone insisted that he remembered a person, and only referenced the episode as part of a routine conversation.

I was there when he heard that the episode never existed.

However, if you’re new to this website, remember that this site includes many other articles related to other alternate history events that are widely remembered.

The “Major Memories” page is a good starting point.

You have been an inspiration to so many and your message of non-judgmental positive eating has motivated the masses to be the best that they can. May your heart and home be filled with peace and love. I was downright sad – really upset – to read the venomous comments leveled at Angela.