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We are both so open with each other and we share everything, having said that I was still a little apprehensive.

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Carl had arranged about twenty candles all over the bedroom and they gave the room very romantic feel.

I looked into my lover's eyes as I approached the bed.

She had described to us how in college she had a few bisexual experiences so she couldn't wait to go down on my wife. She is not very tall, only about 5 foot one but she is very well put together. He is about 6'4" well built and as Karen described earlier with a very long cock, about ten inches.

So here we are I am watching Karen going down on Stephanie and I amgetting hard. My cock is definitely thicker but his is much longer.

I suck on this newfound toy, hungrily licking the shaft, and his balls. Oh my god, it is a woman, I can feel her breasts on my stomach as she climbs up. "It's just me baby" Carl climbs behind me cradling me in his body, he watches my give ablowjob to the strange cock as the woman licks my pussy.