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The grotto was designed and built entirely by students and alumni under the inspiration of the rural shrines of the old world.

Not far from the grotto is the oldest and newest hall on campus, St. An outdoor glade cut into the Maples and Pines, St.

The large double doors marking the front of the barn open to the College chapel.

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Francis Hall is the location for a portion of the College’s natural history classes.

Students work on regaining their powers of observation in the company of the Hairy Woodpecker, Chickadees, and the Nuthatches. Francis Hall the students may also explore the wetlands of the campus as well as the riparian treasures of the nearby Pennichuck reservoir.

The Bowers-Blanchard House, or white house, itself contains items of great interest: panes of glass dating to the 18century, the core of the original cape and central hearth built by Col.

Blanchard, secret stairwells, and horse-hair plaster. It is said that the wood now on the second floor incorporates the wood of the earliest house, cut and installed some fifty years before the American Revolution.

The sanctuary lamp burns continuously to recall that this is the Eucharistic center of the campus.