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Chandeliers started to make an appearance in the homes of wealthy merchants from the 15th century, but it wasn’t until the early 18th century that advances in glass-making technology saw the emergence of thousands of cut-glass and lead-crystal chandeliers in ballrooms and drawing rooms throughout Europe and America. They have the ability to confer instant glamour upon a space, whatever your choice of decor.

Designers make chandeliers in materials ranging from paper and ceramics to fibre-optics; go for a classic crystal look or choose a minimal modern piece.

(You’re basically just turning off the power and connecting the wires in the same way that you disconnected them from the previous light fixture.) You can also always hire an electrician to do the work for an additional to 0.

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Warm and earthy, the Austin transitional 5-light chandelier by Troy Lighting is romantic hand-forged sophistication for your home.

This angular canopy frame, finished in antique bronze, complements the soft cylinders of sunrise glass shades that artfully diffuse each bulb. Crafters at Possini Euro Design® give it a sleek contoured profile with a tapered dark bronze finish frame.

Create a stunning centerpiece with one of our authentically reproduced vintage chandeliers.

Classic antique chandeliers have been faithfully recreated here and improved with updated wiring.

And for special effects, it’s hard to go past a coloured glass or fibre-optic piece.