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This can be expensive for large objects, so Mono's SGen uses a separate pool of memory for large objects (Large Object Section) and uses a mark-and-sweep algorithm for those objects.

Currently SGen treats the stack and registers conservatively and pins any objects that could be referenced by any of these roots.

Posix), database connectivity libraries, a security stack, and the XML schema language Relax NG.

Gtk# allows Mono applications to integrate into the Gnome desktop as native applications. As these components are not covered by Ecma standards, some of them remain subject to patent fears and concerns.

The database libraries provide connectivity to the object-relational database db4o, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), My SQL, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Oracle, Postgre SQL, SQLite, and many others. The Mono runtime contains a code execution engine that translates ECMA CIL byte codes into native code and supports a number of processors: ARM, MIPS (in 32-bit mode only), SPARC, Power PC, S390 (in 64-bit mode), x86, x86-64 and IA-64 for 64-bit modes.