Updating my playstation 2 ukraindating

From what I can gather, it usually has to do with being unable to load disc games properly, stemming from usually a marked up disc or an unfortunately shot disc drive. I don't know what even happened here, and I can't get any of my saves back because I don't have PS to back it all up to.

This didn't seem to be the issue, though, as I was able to use disc games. I'm not a very big fan of that sort of news, like anyone else. This new layout is just icing on this whole stupid cake, too.

Anyways, he told me they'd need me to send in the console to get it repaired, which isn't something I terribly needed done since I could still get the system started after a couple startups.

It hasn't done that in a solid year, though, so I don't believe that's the cause. Either way, it's just in time with the announcement of the PS4 Pro, I suppose. I'm not sure if related, but I had something similar happen.

If you've recently purchased a Play Station 2 console, or you've been given one as a gift, you might not know how to use it yet.

The Play Station 2 is very fun once you get it up and running, here's how to do just that.

HOWEVER- I've noticed a few "dead pixels" now.only show when running a game or on the xmb (not during loading etc).