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☼ To set up headings to the left of the page's body text (such as found in many non-fiction books and manuals, and simulated on this website page), you can use Word Perfect's columns feature.

[Screen shot in Page view] [Screen shot in Print Preview]: With the cursor in the first column, enter your formatted section heading (e.g., you could apply the Heading 2 style from the Styles drop list on the property bar; this style is shown in the sample screen shots above).

Quoting from the article: In Word Perfect, a template is a document on your disk with a special filename extension, ".wpt," where the "t" stands for "template".

Think of it as a stencil or model that you can use to make copies of the original. Like other word processors, every document you create in Word Perfect is based on a template.

Even if you don't need to employ all the features covered in the article, it can serve as a reference for future use.