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This year certainly saw an increased interest in advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), but the majority of conversations centered less around the potential of these technologies and more around how retailers can practically implement them into their stores at scale to improve customer experiences.

Naturally with a broader acceptance of technologies like AI and Io T in the retail community comes an eagerness from retailers to implement these technologies at scale, now.

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To glean patterns and actionable insights from this data, retailers will lean on AI’s capabilities, as the volume of data retailers are amassing is too vast for humans to process.

Additionally, AI will impact every retailer uniquely, depending on their value proposition.

by Steve White under Access Control, Asset Protection, Data & Cyber Security/Hacking, Io T (Internet of Things), Monitoring, Property Management, Video Surveillance Today’s retail store is undergoing a drastic change thanks to emerging technology.

Trends discussed at the National Retail Federation’s recent Retail’s Big Show expo include machine learning, the rise of big data and continually adapting devices…all of which are evolving the traditional shopping experience.

The retail store of the future embodies a quick, easy experience for the consumer.