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It's one of the few that lasts all day on me as well, which is an added plus for my notoriously perfume-devouring skin.

I have so many perfumes, some rather expensive that I should be using more, but I always come back to Tabu as my favorite.

I was so excited to try this after reading its history- 1932, "perfume for a whore," and all that. This occurred at a club in the Washington, DC area, when he was around 18. My cat immediately jumped off my lap, as soon as I opened the edc spray cap. I decided to use the body wash first which was too dandy for me but finished it up anyway after runningout of my usual body wash.

During winter, only when I was oudoor far away from my beloved cats, I used the dandy smelling body lotion as a hand cream thinking, no Japanese girl nor lady would buy such a muskulin cream for herself.

In my opinion the modern version is totally unisex.