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After 1958, I-44 which at that time overlapped US-66 was built and bypassed the city. City 66 was the road that went through Springfield's downtown area.

Begin your trip at MO-744 and turn along Glenstone southwards. 2209 North Glenstone Avenue Originally the White City Tourist Park, built in 1927 it was replaced in 1959 by a more modern building ran by the Lurvey's: The Americana Motel.

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Located at a strategic crossroad, settlers began arriving in 1850 and by 1859 it had 2,500 residents.

The Butterfield Stage Line set up a station there for its route to San Francisco.

Population 159,498 (2010) and its Metro area 456,456 (112th in the U. The Kickapoo natives originally lived in Indiana and Illinois, but after rising pressure from white settlers and the Tecumseh War against the US in 1811, they were removed west of the Mississippi River into Missouri, south of the Osage River.

Springfield is a large city on Old Route 66, and seat of Greene County. French explorers who came from Canada claimed the area in 1682 and named it "Louisiana" after their king Louis XIV. At that time there were Delaware and Kickapoo natives in Springfield.

The feds proposed Route 62 as an alternative, but Woodruff and Avery came up with number "66" and sent a telegram from Springfield to Washington: "Regarding Chicago Los Angeles road if California Arizona New Mexico and Illinois accept sixty six instead of sixty we are inclined to agree to this change. It originally targeted Route 66 travellers driving right passed its front door. There, to your right, on the SW corner is the Rex Smith Gas Station: 2321 NW Bypass, Springfield On the SW corner of Kearney St. Google Click for Street View The side-gabled gas station which sold Flying A brand gas, was built by Otto Young in 1933, in a Craftsman ⁄ bungalow style on what would become the new bypass alignment of Route 66 north of Springfield. This service station has a great sign and is an icebox sytle building, perhaps from the 1930s.