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Another alleged “insider” maintains, “Having Stedman by her side as her husband instead of her boyfriend would strengthen her chance with the conservative American voters.” All of this is illustrated by a series of photos of Oprah “dressed in a figure-hugging white gown,” and readers are led to believe they are pictures from the wedding.

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The outlet is flat-out lying about it now being from her supposed marriage vows.

Additionally, quotes attributed in the present tense to Graham (“says Stedman of his bride”) are actually years-old as well.

Oprah Winfrey has opened up to explain why she has never married – she’s not traditional.

The legendary talk show host, 59, has been dating businessman Stedman Graham since 1986 but the two have opted to shun tradition when it comes to maintaining their relationship.

Oprah is not secretly married, and if she ever ties the knot, the real news will be presented in a legitimate way.