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So I’ve known her forever, she’s a sweetheart, and it was between her and one other girl and the other girl I didn’t know, so maybe that might have affected it.

I vouched for Alyssa because I know she’s a sweetheart, she’s very easy to work with. She’s so mellow, she’s so chill.” They didn’t do any chemistry reads, though, because Emily is, of course, a scene stealer.

An initial ‘Oh no, this is not happening.’ But for any parent, I’m sure, it’s a big slap in the face, especially for our heritage. ’ I know I got this androgynous look and everything,” she said.

But more than ever I want to say 90 percent of them have big support systems.” For press events Emily dons gorgeous dresses and stilettos, but she says off-screen, she’s mistaken for a guy all the time. I gotta be honest with you: I get mistaken for a dude on a daily basis. “In my everyday I don’t wear makeup, I put on hats and I put on sneakers and jeans.” Emily, who is only 25, has been acting since she was 16 and discovered at a shopping mall.

Go home and get your paycheck.’ And this is not like that at all.” Emily gave a list of actors she had in mind to play Adriana’s love interest and the one the producers chose for Lucy, Alyssa Diaz, was on the list. We usually audition for all the same roles,” Emily said.