Why dating is wrong

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This can be scary at first, but keep in mind that sometimes, change is very good for you. Sometimes, people simply refuse to accept the problems that their partner has.

After all, who wants to face the fact that your boyfriend only showers once a week, or that your girlfriend has a habit of calling your mom a bitch.

Although good in the short term, in the long term, this type of situation can be a trap. For example, say that your best friend tells you that he or she thinks you should stay with your current partner.

That is most likely going to have some influence on your decision to stay with your partner or not.

Facing up to this reality can be a bit embarrassing. So, just brace yourself for some annoying, “I told you so’s,” and you’ll get through it. Despite the fact that your partner may be an emotional wet blanket, he or she may still be a total hottie. The opinions of friends and family can have a significant impact on decision making.