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The root folder for the deployment share is created and shared using standard Windows Power Shell cmdlets and calls to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class commands.The deployment share is populated using the MDTProvider Windows Power Shell provider and the New PSDrive cmdlet.These same properties can also be seen in the Deployment Workbench.

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MDT does not support ARM processor–based versions of Windows.

Similarly, MDT can deploy Windows 8 application packages, which have an file extension. For more information on these applications, see Windows Store App development.

Beginning with Windows Power Shell 3.0, modules are imported automatically the first time that you use a cmdlet in the module.

You can create deployment shares using the MDT Windows Power Shell cmdlets.

Updating a deployment share creates the Windows PE boot images (WIM and International Organization for Standardization [ISO] files) necessary to start LTI deployment.