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Zora and Wilma, two one-year-old heifers originally from Montana, have recently acclimated themselves to their new surroundings.Watch this video for more about Zora and Wilma: Forging a sustainable partnership Building on Lafarge’s legacy with the World Wildlife Fund, Continental's bison exhibit sponsorship is testament to our dedication to sustainable building and biodiversity here in North America.

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On February 8th, as part of its "Sex and the City Zoo" Valentines event, Dee will be giving "a provocative presentation about animal mating, dating and cohabitating" at the Zoo. Zoo occasioned by the zoo's Valentine's fundraiser "Sex and the City Zoo." In order, the event includes an illustrated lecture about the sex lives of animals, then a romantic candlelight dinner.

"Tell me about the love life of a flamingo," I said. Judging from what I learned from Mike Dee, who'll be giving the lecture, it's a good thing they do the talk first, then dinner ... Dee has a long history at the zoo dating back to the 1960s. The flamingo is actually about the most phlegmatic lover Dee showed me at the zoo.

He was the senior keeper, then general curator, and worked on the Indian rhino breeding project, which saw the birth of the first Indian rhino at the L. The male does a bit of a dance, then they breed, she lays an egg, and they raise the chick together.

Dee says what's critical for flamingos is that "they have to be in a large number, groups of eight to 10, before they will actually breed and produce offspring." Next , the mountain or woolly tapir looks like a cross between a bear and a Shetland pony, and when the male goes after a female in heat, he chases her and violently bites at her legs until she gives in.

And with that group of ani­mals the early seeds of Auck­land Zoo were sown. Six months after the City Coun­cil bought the ani­mals, on Sat­ur­day km from town hall.